Anadarko Industries Quality Assurance Program

Anadarko Industries Quality Assurance Program (QAP) revolves around the need to ensure we are always responsive to our customers’ needs and requirements, and that we are providing the required products and services on schedule and budget.  This begins with the focus of our top management staff and is instilled at all levels of our organization.

The key elements of our QAP include:

  • Ensuring the right staff members with the appropriate experience are assigned to each task
  • Reviewing all work products and hold employees responsible for the quality of their work
  • Keeping staff motivated and focused on exceeding the customer’s expectations
  • Fostering continuous improvement in all of our processes and actions
  • Measuring our progress and performance against established baselines
  • Looking for possible issues before they impact our customers
  • Quickly addressing any issues or concerns of our customers
  • Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan and Performance Metrics

We ensure all of these elements are addressed in a formal Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) for each Seaport-e task, and that the QASP is aligned with the baselined schedule and appropriately staffed to ensure it is properly executed along with the project.  The QASP includes the performance metrics defined to ensure quality services and products are delivered to our clients, including:

  • Staffing – to ensure we are providing fully-qualified personnel for the tasks, and that they are provided when needed
  • Technical and Schedule Performance – to ensure all work products meet the defined needs, expectations, and requirements of our customers and will provide the needed usability in service, as well as that they are adhering to the schedule milestones and that appropriate corrective actions are implemented for any items found to not meet these standards
  • Cost Management – to measure our ability to forecast, track, and control costs (labor and non-labor), and to introduce appropriate cost saving measures