AI is selected as a member of the JSC SBC ELT

SBC Executive Committee 2018

Anadarko Industries is excited to be serving as a member of the JSC Small Business Council (SBC) Executive Leadership Team (ELT) for another three year assignment after a year removal from its previous three year term. President and CEO of AI, Kenn Hall, was elected as Vice Chair of the SBC for 2018 and will transition into Chair for 2019. 

“It is always an honor to represent the voice of small businesses in the JSC community. AI is eager to serve as an active member of the SBC for the next three years,” stated AI President, Kenn Hall.

The JSC Small Business Council (SBC) was established to provide a forum for small businesses (SB) to maximize communication with Johnson Space Center, JSC Procurement, and contractors. The SBC holds networking events to strengthen communication between small businesses, prime contractors, and the technical community to maximize the value and impact of the SB community. To learn more about upcoming events, please visit: