AI Presents Employees with Top Company awards for 2017

Anadarko Industries recently presented employees with top awards for 2017.  These awards were presented to very deserving employees for their excellent work during the year of 2017.  Congratulations to all our employees as AI would not be the success it is today without each and every one of you!  Thank you for your continued success and dedication!

Golden Eagle Award

The Golden Eagle Award is AI’s premier quality and performance award for individual employees. The presentation of The Golden Eagle Award signifies AI’s recognition that the award recipient has demonstrated excellence in quality and performance in the following fields: Achieving beyond their normal work output; Attaining a particular program goal; Contributing to significant cost savings; Being instrumental in developing solutions that increase quality, safety, reliability, efficiency or performance; Being a key player in developing a beneficial process improvement of significant magnitude and Contributing to the growth of the company.

Tyler Champagne, Center Safety and Fire Operations (CSFO) Contract – JSC, Houston, TX

Ring of Quality Award Customer Satisfaction Award

The Ring of Quality awards are presented to those teams or individuals whose contributions to the quality of products and services are recognized by the customer.

Jessie Zapata, Center Safety and Fire Operations (CSFO) Contract – JSC, Houston, TX

Brian Kelsay, Chad Smith and Christopher Arlint, USDA Kansas City, MO

Sandra Sweet, Joshua Cordia and Michael Meyer USDA St. Louis, MO

WorkSmart Award

AI’s WorkSmart Program is a cornerstone of continuous process improvement and is critical to AI’s future success by adding significant value to the overall company and our clients.

Regina Hartman, Center Safety and Fire Operations (CSFO) Contract – JSC, Houston, TX

Zoe Bartley, Eileen Nicholas, Jordan Tanniehill & Paul Vincent, Human Health and Performance (HHPC) Contract – JSC, Houston, TX

Beverly Thaxton, USDA Fort Collins, CO

Jonathan Warren, USDA St. Louis, MO.

Cordaro Anderson, Facility Support Services (FSS) Contract – JSC, Houston, TX

WorkSafe Award

AI recognizes the importance of a safe work environment and promotes safety awareness throughout all contracts. The WorkSafe Award promotes safety on an individual level by rewarding our employees for their efforts in supporting AI and customer safety goals.

David King, Demetrius Roberts, Eric Masterson, Fernando Diaz, John Cooper, Paul Ortiz and Tyler Champagne, Center Safety and Fire Operations (CSFO) Contract – JSC, Houston, TX

AI also presented employees with years of service awards.

The following employees were recognized for their years of service with AI.

5-Year Award

Michael Meyer, USDA Kansas City, MO

10-Year Award

James Dold, Brian Kelsay and Elizabeth Smith, USDA Kansas City, MO

Tom Tierney and Harlan Warren, USDA St. Louis, MO.

Houston Employees receiving their awards at a luncheon in February.