Anadarko Industries Employees presented with HHPC Bravo Awards

AI employees recognized above are: Jeff Stewart (far left above), and Kim Nguyen (2nd from left on front row, above) and Kim Contreras (5th from far left)

Anadarko Industries (AI) Employees were recently presented with Bravo Awards for their outstanding work on the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) Human Health and Performance Contract (HHPC) with KBRWyle.  The following AI employees were presented Bravo awards for their contributions on the Water Transfer System Team and the 2400 NASA Parkway Move/Transition Team efforts in 2016.  AI employees were presented these awards in a ceremony also recognizing other team members.  These awards were truly given to contributors on major team efforts.  Congratulations to all employees, we appreciate all you do!

Water Transfer System Team Bravo Award – In June 2016, the WTS team was awarded a Group Achievement Award from Johnson Space Center (JSC).  The award given was: “For outstanding development and execution of US commercial capability for water delivery to the International Space Station on visiting vehicles.”   

Kim Nguyen
Jeff Stewart

2400 NASA Parkway Move/Transition Team – The Wyle 2400 move team in Houston had a daunting task to plan for, prepare, and execute a move of the magnitude of the move to 2400. The Move team deserves this BRAVO Award for the extraordinary work performed in planning, coordinating and executing an extremely challenging move of hundreds of people and thousands of dollars of equipment, furniture and hardware.  Proactive, professional and dedicated are some words used to describe Kristina Contreras and the rest of the team.