Information Technology

One of the fastest-growing sectors in government contracting is information technology, whether it is in services, hardware or software. AI has major task-order contracts with the Federal government, including technical support and information technology services such as call center operations, systems analysis and design, and more!

Our Services

End User Support
  • Help Desk/End User Support (Tiers 1, 2, 3)
  • End User Training
  • Call Center Operations
  • Remote Support
  • New Deployments and Upgrades
Systems Management
  • System analysis and design
  • Network administration
  • IT systems configuration control
  • Server Maintenance
  • Cloud Virtual Servers
Software Development
  • Business process design and development
  • Application Development (i.e. AGILE)
  • Database design and management
  • Software verification and validation
  • Web and portal design (i.e. SharePoint)
Field Studies/Benchmarking
Asset Management

Current Contracts

USDA Large Office End User Support Services

NASA JSC Center Safety & Fire Operations (CSFO)

NASA JSC Human Health & Performance Contract (HHPC)

Contracts: 3 Year Past Performance

Forest Service Automated Timber Sales Account (ATSA)

USDA Large Office End User Support Services

Contracts: 5 Year Past Performance

NASA JSC Center Institutional Safety Services (CISS)

Forest Service Acquisition Management Systems (AQM)

Forest Service Virtual Incident Procurement (VIPR) System

Forest Service Financial Systems Support

Contracts: Additional Past Performance

NASA JSC Human Resources and Procurement Office (HRPO)

Key Customers

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Johnson Space Center (JSC)

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) – OCIO

USDA Forest Service

STS Systems Integration

SureSecure Solutions



  • Awarded Small Disadvantaged Business of the Year
  • AI consolidated six USDA large office infrastructure support contracts into one standardized contract gaining synergies and reducing operating costs
  • Two Exceptional Software awards for Workforce Transformation Tracking System at NASA
  • “Initial VIPR system rolled out on schedule to meet Forest Service upcoming fire season.”
  • Developed and integrated HR portal for NASA JSC that was adapted at headquarter level.
  • Increased customer satisfaction from 50% to 98% approval at USDA Washington, D.C. Office.
  • Developed JSC integrated Safety Reporting and Tracking System (SRTS)

Exceptional USDA Review

"Anadarko has consistently worked to increase the qualify of work as well as maintain the support levels at those high quality levels. Anadarko worked diligently throughout the performance period to adapt to the ever changing work climate in the USDA Washington, D.C. Office. They have increased and now maintain a high customer feedback rating. Quality of service has trended up during the performance period due to Anadarko’s process improvement collaboration with Government staff." – USDA Contracting Officer
- USDA Contracting Office